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토핔 : Philip Kotler Live In Bangkok 2009 [Marketing in an Interlinked World Economy]
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Philip Kotler Live In Bangkok 2009

[Marketing in an Interlinked World Economy]



Journal and Photos by Joon H. Park

Professor Philip Kotler who is renowned as the Guru of the world marketing field has come back to Thailand for a day seminar at one of busiest commercial areas in Bangkok, Athenee hotel.


The seminar was organized and held by Thailand Marketing Association that is heading for 46th anniversary by next year.

Mr. Philip Kotler described some new market research methods that can lead to new opportunities and also described how to find and evaluate new opportunities and develop successful strategies.  In the final session, he described the major tools for differentiating organizations products so that the organization could outstanding amongst other competitors within the same target market.


This has been the 2nd seminar led by him since the year 2007 August and orchestrated with his new marketing book called Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence.


Right timing at right place as he usually did, he opened his hands generously in order to show to the world marketers what he has in his hands at this time of global economic down turn as who every single marketers and corporative seek for answers in order to survive, desperately. 


His solutions were simple as he has been: Do something in order to cut off fats and reshuffle the organizations for better performance in a turmoil time like where we are now at.


He also mentioned and emphasized on how to weave through highly advanced information technologies that are all commonly available without a barrier, the Internet with social networking and social media web based platforms.


Despite all his fundamental teachings in the seminar, the audience was highly scared and impressed about his deep understanding of new technologies that is mainly related to marketing effect measuring and maximum usage of internet tools, social networking and social media platforms so on and so forth.

Professor Philip Kotler has highly emphasized the importance of adapting internet tools by addressing following notes:

01. Internet, it is an extremely effective tool for multi channel communications.  Therefore, the amount and the quality of information that is available to the local as well as to the world consumers are not the same as what marketers have been dealing with.  It is recommended that marketers should not treat consumers as what they used to do to consumers who do not have these new technologically oriented tools.


Modern consumers may have even capable for collapsing not only a product but the entire company now a day.


02. Companies are required to look in deep of social network web services and better adapt its complexity before they are forced to adapt in no time.  Companies are better of offering full support and encourage these inside work forces for research and communicating within these social network service based web platforms uservers.


03. The local as well as the world consumers do not believe in adverting campaigns anymore, which they are all exposed to the old media such as T.V commercials, news radio broad casts, paper based news papers and magazines.  Therefore, marketers must open free conversation for increasing its royalties and trusts with their consumers.


04. Social media such as blog is needed to be fully studied and understood deeply in order to find the way of supporting corporative firms through the globe.

Professor Philip Kotler described that the main reason that ordinary individual customer could have this much of destructive power since the availability of information in unlimited manner.  That makes individuals get together and form sometimes pro and anti activities toward commercial organizations.  He said that this is threats but also new opportunities to marketers, this depends on the angle of how they look at.

The communication power and literally unlimited information is available to the world consumers will drive them even more demand and evolve faster.  What we as marketers can do about this trend?


That was his question to all marketers in the field and so does to him.


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